billing policy

At Small to Tall, we provide clear estimates so there are no surprises. Your child’s treatment plan will be discussed with you prior to proceeding with treatment.

  • Payments: The full cost of the dental visit is due after the appointment is completed, on the same day of service. Payment can be made by debit, Visa, Mastercard or cash.
  • Insurance coverage: At this time, we typically do not direct bill your insurance. If you have dental coverage, we will electronically submit your claim to the insurance carrier on your behalf.

Please let us know if you have questions about our financial policy or financing options prior to treatment. We want you to feel comfortable and are always happy to further discuss this with you. 


Appointment Policies

How are appointments scheduled?

When working with young children, we find it best to schedule appointments in the morning, rather than the end of the day, when children are often tired and restless. Scheduling an early morning appointment, when everyone is better rested, allows us to make your child's visit as successful as possible. 

Why do we need to come in for a consult before any treatment can happen?

We understand that parents may miss work or children may miss school for their dental appointment. While everyone’s time is valuable, it is important that we meet you and your child before completing any dental treatment on the same day. This allows us to establish trust with you and your sometimes fearful child, and to complete our own exam and ensure we have all the necessary medical and dental information, including X-rays. We can then put together our own treatment plan and review all treatment options including any sedation options, if required, with you and your child. We can also provide a clear estimate of the cost and take time to answer any questions you may have. Finally, we need time to set up and plan for a procedure and it would be impossible to predict in advance how much time a child needs prior to meeting them. Our ultimate goal is always to offer the best quality care in a safe and successful manner to your child.

Cancellations and missed appointments

Unexpected surprises are part of life, but missed appointments or short notice cancellations represent a cost to us all. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we respectfully ask for as much notice as possible - preferably 48 hours - so that we may offer your appointment time to someone else that may be waiting. If this happens more than twice, unfortunately, we may no longer be able to continue seeing you in our practice.

Late arrivals

Dr. Michelle and her team try their best to stay on time and we kindly ask that you do the same. If you are running late, please call us at 403.474.5600 to let us know. Our office dedicates a set amount of time to your child for their dental treatment. This ensures that Dr. Michelle and her team can be thorough and deliver their best quality care while giving your child the time they deserve to explain things. While we will try hard to accommodate you if you are late, there may be times when we may not be able to see you and will work with you to reschedule.